On May 8, 2019, Ann’s dad was told he would share custody of his daughter with an unrelated man.


A court ruled, although it agreed Chris was a completely fit parent who raised his daughter well, that he would have to let Ann live part-time with another man. Not a relative. A man who had been engaged to Ann’s mom for 3 months and now wants to share more


 Ann’s dad wasn’t accused of doing anything wrong. But he was told he had to share custody anyway. Because someone else wants her. 


The court gave a non-relative custody. All on the grounds that a biological father had no more right to his own daughter than someone else who wanted her. Being her parent simply didn’t make a difference. 


Ann’s dad is now fighting for her at the Texas Supreme Court. If he loses, so will she. If Ann and Chris lose, so will all Texas families. A legal precedent will be set. 


The Texas Supreme Court temporarily stopped the local court from taking Ann from her dad until they hear the case.

Ann is just like any other five-year-old girl.

Ann is just like any other five-year-old girl.

She loves her dad and wants to live with him. He is her biological father and has never been accused of wrongdoing or a crime… But in spite of all that, she is being sent to live part-time with a man who is completely unrelated to her. Unless someone steps in…

Ann lives with her dad, Chris, in Denton County, Texas. Chris works in sales, provides for his family, loves the Texas Rangers and watching his daughter cheer.

She has lived with her dad full-time since she lost her mom two years ago. She was happy again.

But now, everything is crashing down…